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Edu Prov is committed to using its expertise to assist students in finding the most appropriate placements in university/college with a right course in India. Edu Prov works to promote excellence in education and has developed to become one of the most active, innovative and well-respected organization in the field of educational counseling, university placement and distance education. We work hard to make your dreams come true through best and reliable consultation and provide quality education to all aspiring students through meaningful academic and professional courses. We will always feel proud and look forward to continuing our best quality services to become one of the best educational institutes in India. Admission in Nandi Institute of Technology & Management Science In Bangalore Admission in New Horizon College of Engineering In Bangalore Direct Admissions in M S Ramaiah Institute of Technology In Bangalore BeDirect Admission in Nandi Institute of Technology & Management Science In Bangalore st Bachelor of Engineering Admissions in Bangalore Top Bachelor of Engineering Admissions in Bangalore Direct Admission in MS Ramaiah University B. Tech / Engineering In Bangalore Any Graduation and Post Graduation Direct Admission In College Bangalore Direct Admission in BMS College of Engineering In Bangalore Admissions Open in BMS College of Engineering In Bangalore Career Counseling for P.U Admission In Bangalore Direct P.U Admission in Bangalore Need admission in Top P.U Colleges Bangalore Admission in Jain College In Bangalore PU admission in famous college of Bangalore Looking to get admission in the top college of Bangalore Want to get admission in best college of Bangalore? How to apply for PU admission In Bangalore Admission in Jain University Bangalore FAILED IN PUC Student come for admission In Bangalore 12th or 10th Bangalore Student come for admission In Bangalore Looking for Admission in Top PU Colleges in Bangalore Fulfil your Dream Of Completing PUC/SSLC/ 12th STD /10th STD In Bangalore SSLC / PUC Fail? No Worry! Contact Us – 9538801146 /47 /48 – Bangalore HURRY UP ADMISSION GOING ON FOR 10TH AND 12TH Bangalore DISCONTINUED / DROPOUTS, DON'T WORRY JOIN SSLC / PUC In Bangalore SSLC Fail / PUC Fail? Wants To Complete And Get Admission In College Student come for admission In Bangalore Career Guidance, Counselling And Admission Assistance For Admission In Mount Carmel College Student come for admission In Bangalore Admissions Open For Top B Schools In Bangalore


Career Counseling
Career Counseling INR 0 INR 0 In today’s modern age of materialism fulfillment of a person’s economic needs is compulsory. The primary objective of education is to prepare a person for a profession so that he can build his future and satisfy his economic needs. It is necessary for every student to be acquainted with his like, abilities, interest and capabilities from the very start of his selection of job or work to create faith in life. Thus Edu Prov provides you with a platform which guides you as per your potential, ability and interest to select opportunity in career which can lead you to a satisfied and fulfilled career. We at Edu Prov have well qualified and well experience mentors, counselors, and trainers who will give their expertise to help you to take a wiser academic decision, and gives personal guidance to help choose courses that shape your future, career exploration, career change and personal career developments We at Edu Prov focus on the specifications of individuals. With this approach in our work, we have been able to win over the confidence of students and their parents who consult us to achieve their educational goals. With its continued growth Edu Prov has become one of the most active, innovative and well respected organizations in the field of boarding school/college/university placement in India. Edu Prov has strong collaborative links with universities, colleges and schools in Bangalore and other parts of India, which enable all students' study, needs to be met. We have successfully placed students for Engineering, Medical & Management Courses in most prestigious Colleges / Universities across India. True 1447940630
Distance Education
Distance Education INR 0 INR 0 Distance Education mode has become very popular and common in India, because it is catering to a wide range of aspirants (Students), who are willing to upgrade their education qualifications for various reasons. The Distance Education system provides opportunities not only to younger students but also to those from the older groups. The main reasons for increasing interest in Distance Education lies on the need for continuing education in today’s competitive world, it actually helps you to reach greater heights in your career, widening the knowledge base and improving skills. This will enable to get better options in the job market and also it will help the professionals earn better and empower them to apply for a better position after the completion of their course. Distance Education is also cheaper compared with regular mode of education. True 1447941269
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Zed Point, No. 7/2-1, 4th Floor, Aga Abdulla Street, Richmond Town, , -560025
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